Toddler Amazon Deals – 5 Promo Codes for September 2018

Here’s this months roundup of promo codes for good baby stuff on Amazon! Some of these I’ve tried, some I haven’t but have good reviews and would purchase if I needed! Def getting the last two on this post!

Up first we have this kids folding chair! 5 color options and looks really versatile! Indoor, outdoor or on the go at the big kids games, practices, etc!

$5 off with code “5LUVGOCHAIR” through end of Sept or as supplies last. Shop HERE.

Next up is these Non-Slip Silicone Food Mats. These are great because they’re dishwasher safe and don’t slip on many surfaces so your kiddo can’t move it off the table! 50% off with code “50BABYPLATES” through Sept 27th.

Maybe not the most ideal time of year for a bubble machine, unless you don’t mind them inside your house! But this is a great deal and bubbles are always a hit! A whopping 75% OFF with code “75BUBBLE” through Sept 21st as supplies last.

Constructo Cards – These look SO cool! If you’ve been to Chic-fil-A recently, they had a toy just like this in the kids meal.. but way less educational! Normal price is $19.99 These are 50% off with code “50ABCZOO” – I spy a good Christmas gift! Code valid through Sept 27th as supplies last.

Take Apart Bulldozer STEM Toy. Now through Sept 21st. Save 40% with promo code 40KMGEAV

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