New Year, New Smell! DIY perfume/room spray

New year. New goals. New smells! Ya know when you just need a change up? Well that was me and I was craving it. Not craving anything crazy but after the holidays and moving in with my parents, I need to get organized and have some new inspiration! Smell is the strongest sense linked to memory and the brain and being pregnant- even more so! I whipped up this little 2oz spray bottle with a few of favorite essential oils and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been using this as perfume and room spray! Recipe below:

2 oz spray bottle

Witch hazel


10 drops grapefruit

5 drops bergamot

3 drops northern lights black spruce


In a 2oz spray bottle fill half way with witch hazel, the other half with water and top with your oils. Shake before use. Don’t have oils yet? Order HERE.

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