Let’s talk oils for a sec.. these 11 come in the PSK – as we like to call it (premium starter kit!) They’re the basics to get you started and ones you’ll find yourself using on the daily! You can diffuse, apply topically and even put some in your water! 💦 Through the weekend I’m […]

Why Should I Use Glass with Essential Oils? It’s recommended to use glass instead of plastic when using oils because the oils can often be so strong that they can break down elements of the plastic. A quick google search will tell you: “Take care to prolong the life of your pure essential oils by […]

Dilution for kiddos is real important! Asher is getting a fresh new set of rollers made just for him! Diluted more than the ones I make for myself. Their tiny bodies have more sensitive skin so I always want to make sure whoever is rolling oils on him A- knows it’s for him and B- […]

New year. New goals. New smells! Ya know when you just need a change up? Well that was me and I was craving it. Not craving anything crazy but after the holidays and moving in with my parents, I need to get organized and have some new inspiration! Smell is the strongest sense linked to […]

One of the times you may start to miss candles the most is in the fall and winter. Longing for that cozy smell of the holidays and being inside with friends and family. Take a look at these diffuser blends and you won’t miss your candles anymore after trying these out!

That smell when you walk into Anthropology. You want it. Everything. Home, car, on your body, etc. While it may smell like the most amazing thing ever, unfortunately the fragrance chemicals in the candle are less than friendly and you want them no where near you. Enter: essential oils and this blend to put in […]

It can be intimidating to get those first 11 oils out of your kit, but as soon as you realize all the amazing things oils can do, and the amazing smells you can make when you combine a few, you’ll be on your way to oily heaven and snatching up the most amazing little bottles […]

This time of year means people are inside more. And when that happens, germs happen. It’s important to support our immune systems the best we can and keep our families healthy, especially our sweet babies! Add this blend to your diffuser or even make a roller from it! Shop oils HERE!

I am loving the cooler temps that we’ve been having here in Colorado! And when you tend to hang out inside, you want to be cozy and set the atmosphere with scent! This blend is seriously so good!! Get your oils HERE!

This diffuser blend has got me seriously excited for FALL! The leaves changing, sweaters, boots, scarves, pumpkin bread and all things COZY! Add 2 drops each to a diffuser full of water! Toss your toxic candles and use oils instead! There’s no need for candles and wall plug ins anymore with this amazing blend! 🍂