Gearing up for summer and planning some indoor activities for when it’s too hot to play outside! 😅☀Asher hasn’t gotten to play with play dough much yet but when he does I sit him in his high chair to contain any mess he might (I know he will) make! I have a feeling I’ll be […]

Why Should I Use Glass with Essential Oils? It’s recommended to use glass instead of plastic when using oils because the oils can often be so strong that they can break down elements of the plastic. A quick google search will tell you: “Take care to prolong the life of your pure essential oils by […]

Switching over to “chemical-free” cleaning can seem like a daunting task but it does NOT have to be! It’s actually really affordable and really easy! Today I’m sharing 6 of the best ingredients to use for cleaning while keeping it non-toxic! Baking Soda Baking soda is a pantry staple, duh, with proven virus-killing abilities that […]

New year. New goals. New smells! Ya know when you just need a change up? Well that was me and I was craving it. Not craving anything crazy but after the holidays and moving in with my parents, I need to get organized and have some new inspiration! Smell is the strongest sense linked to […]

One of the times you may start to miss candles the most is in the fall and winter. Longing for that cozy smell of the holidays and being inside with friends and family. Take a look at these diffuser blends and you won’t miss your candles anymore after trying these out!

That smell when you walk into Anthropology. You want it. Everything. Home, car, on your body, etc. While it may smell like the most amazing thing ever, unfortunately the fragrance chemicals in the candle are less than friendly and you want them no where near you. Enter: essential oils and this blend to put in […]

We all could use a little help cleaning the bathroom.. Right? Ugh! When you have additional help, not everything seems as daunting as it would be. That’s why today we’re sharing the recipe for toilet fizzers! Some extra toilet cleaning support never hurt anyone! Ingredients: 1/2 Cup baking soda 1/8 Cup citric acid 1/2 Tablespoon hydrogen peroxide […]

It wasn’t until I had been using this immune roller combo that I felt I really had an “oily testimony” or whatever you want to call it! One particular week every single person that I was around had gotten the 24-hour stomach bug. But I didn’t! I can’t tell you that this is why the […]

Having an easy way to use your essential oils is the best thing you can do for yourself! When things are in-sight and easily accessible we tend to use them more! Step 1: Order yourself some roller bottles. We like them from here or here. Step 2: Get a carrier oil. We like V-6 from Young […]

Stinky trash or diaper pail?! Mix up this quick combo to help with the ick! Recipe + DIY video below! This has helped tremendously in our household with a lot of stinky diapers (“introducing solids” poops, yuck) and those times when it’s not quite yet a full bag of trash but it’s gonna need to go […]