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We asked a bunch of if you had a diaper bag you love you and here’s what you said! That’s What She Said! Fawn Design: “Well it holds a lot for us! (and I tend to over packšŸ˜‚) And they just released a larger style! We started with a Kate Spade diaper bag, cute but […]


As Asher is approaching his first birthday, I have been thinking back on allĀ the products I used throughout his first year and products that I could not have lived without! We were out and about with him a lot and always taking him with wherever we went and that meant, nursing on the go! My […]


In case you weren’t aware, Chic New Mom is based in Colorado! We love Colorado! Who doesn’t? But sometimes the long winters can leave you longing for Spring with months to go. We’ve had a few warmer winter days here lately but you never know when the weather will take a turn for the worst! […]


UGH!!! Sometimes bedtime can’t come soon enough?! RIGHT?? When that babe decides to take a short nap during the day or skip the nap(s) altogether, the countdown to bedtime starts early!! We asked moms on Instagram what their bedtime routine was and we want to hear from you too! Was this hard for you to […]


This could be a never ending list but we’ve gathered up opinions from moms all around to bring you some of the top baby must-haves! Below we’ve listed out for each age stage what products you may NEED to have around! Leave a comment with something you can’t live without! All ages Full 360 coverageĀ Nursing […]

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It’s going to happen. You just don’t know when.. Kinda like giving birth. You could have a good experience or a really bad experience. Waves of pain and times and then it’s ok for a bit. And we’re talking about teething. We asked moms on InstagramĀ for their tips and tricks to get through teething and […]


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