Gearing up for summer and planning some indoor activities for when it’s too hot to play outside! 😅☀Asher hasn’t gotten to play with play dough much yet but when he does I sit him in his high chair to contain any mess he might (I know he will) make! I have a feeling I’ll be […]

Why Should I Use Glass with Essential Oils? It’s recommended to use glass instead of plastic when using oils because the oils can often be so strong that they can break down elements of the plastic. A quick google search will tell you: “Take care to prolong the life of your pure essential oils by […]

Have you heard of @elephantbooksforkids? If not you need to check them out! Asher is now into reading all of his books (finally!) and always wants a book before bed, something that hasn’t been in our bedtime routine until recently! Elephant Books is a monthly book subscription that sends your kids new books each month! […]

Find yourself starving between meals sometimes? I’ve been snacking a LOT lately! 🤰🏻I love this combo of Young Living’s Einkorn Granola (so good!) and vanilla yogurt to hold me over! If you’ve never heard of Einkorn wheat before – it’s something to look into! #einkorn #gojiberries #inthekitchen #snack #37weekspregnant #wholefoods #snacks



Switching over to “chemical-free” cleaning can seem like a daunting task but it does NOT have to be! It’s actually really affordable and really easy! Today I’m sharing 6 of the best ingredients to use for cleaning while keeping it non-toxic! Baking Soda Baking soda is a pantry staple, duh, with proven virus-killing abilities that […]

Anyone else have a ball OBSESSED kid?! Literally he ran half way across the store and finally stopped.. at the balls. Of course. Doesn’t matter what kind, he’ll take them all! ⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🎾 Happy long weekend! ☀️ #pooltime #memorialdayweekend #ballboy #target #naptime


May 25

But for real… anyone else feel like you’ve been waiting forever for today to get here? ⏳ What are your weekend plans, mamas? ☀️I’m packing the hospital + new diaper bag tonight! 👶🏼🤰🏻🙌🏼 #friday #weekend #pregnant #37weeks #memorialdayweekend via Instagram

Dilution for kiddos is real important! Asher is getting a fresh new set of rollers made just for him! Diluted more than the ones I make for myself. Their tiny bodies have more sensitive skin so I always want to make sure whoever is rolling oils on him A- knows it’s for him and B- […]

I love the weekends when daddy is around to help and I can get breaks here and there! Sometimes I bring Asher into our bed and sneak out of the house while they’re still sleeping and escape to Target! 👋🏼😂 Is your baby daddy on baby duty on the weekends? Do you get your mommy […]

New year. New goals. New smells! Ya know when you just need a change up? Well that was me and I was craving it. Not craving anything crazy but after the holidays and moving in with my parents, I need to get organized and have some new inspiration! Smell is the strongest sense linked to […]